Caleo, vacuum forming machine

Caleo was designed to fit between the big industrial machines and the homemade variants in order to tap into the hobbyists, model makers and small manufacturers market that’s being under-served by the current machine offering.
For that purpose it was designed as a bench tool with a reduced work area, making use of sheets of 50x50cm (or the eighth part of a standard 2×1 meters sheet).

This project was a team effort with three other Industrial Designers. Although I was involved in all the phases of the product development my main contributions were centered along the areas of research, mechanical and electrical engineering, component design, technical documentation and detail design.

This project was part of “Innovar 2013” exhibition and contest organized by the Argentinian Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation.


vacuum forming design


vacuum forming design use


vacuum forming design function


vacuum forming design technical drawings