Structure Dice

Structure Dice I’ve developed these tabletop dice as part of my exploration on the language of 3D printing. I started with the same polyhedral shapes used on dice all over the world and looking into optimizing them for 3D printing took me into developing the use of a lineal structure. This shape helps by reducing material […]

SLA Earrings

SLA Earrings I developed these earrings as part of a series of formal explorations into taking advantage of 3D printing. Starting from a simple geometric shape and then making a continuous, and elegant, surface. The idea of this project was to quickly generate an attractive and simple piece that could be printed in as little […]

Building Toy

Building Toy This project was about the development of a building toy for kids made up from a system of a few simple parts that could be connected together. This system should be open and allow for a great variety of free form configurations. Being that this kind of toys might involve quite a big […]