Vkusno Kitchen spatula set. Made in aluminium (series 7000) with a Teflon coating. The project focus was about taking advantage of the available manufacturing technologies, mainly 2D CNC routing. The initial research identified the kitchen utensils that were better suited to be manufactured with that technology. The product was designed using a disruptive aesthetic with […]


Caleo, vacuum forming machine Caleo was designed to fit between the big industrial machines and the homemade variants in order to tap into the hobbyists, model makers and small manufacturers market that’s being under-served by the current machine offering. For that purpose it was designed as a bench tool with a reduced work area, making […]

Toilet Flapper Button

Toilet Flapper Button A flapper button is part of the toilet’s flush mechanism that controls the water release. This was a highly technical project, focused on mostly on the functionality of the parts as well as their productive feasibility above everything else. Entirely made by injection moulding, my job was to make sure that every […]

Toilet Paper holder

Toilet Paper holder This is a toilet paper holder that was aimed to be labeled as “friendly”. The research looked into what are the defining characteristics that makes a product to be perceived as friendly and used that information to combine certain elements to make a product that stands out. It looks playful, with warm […]

RFID Card reader

RFID Card reader This RFID reader was made as part of a Pilot Project for Buenos Aires city’s hospital system, Now entering the implementation phase. This reader helps hospital kitchen workers keep better track of food distribution. I was tasked with developing a case for the electronic system. I had to take into account the […]

3D Printed Lamp

3D Printed Lamp I aimed to design a simple but flexible desk lamp with ample possibilities for light positioning. In order to achieve this I used high power LED lights for their small size and a magnet based mechanism. Given that the lamp was to be made by 3D printing, one of the objectives was […]