Mi Barrio App

Mi Barrio App (spanish for ‘My Neighbourhood’) is a social network / app that aims to make a huge city, like Buenos Aires, feel like a small town and the neighbourhood like a tight community. As a social network it differentiates itself by focusing on the interactions in the real world, incentivising its users to […]

Bed Head Unit

Bed Head Unit This is a hospital Bed Head unit, providing different features to both hospital personnel and patients (like oxygen distribution, serum support as well as lighting and power outlets). The project focused on the optimization of the previous design already being manufactured by the client. After analysing the problems behind the original model […]

Sound System

Sound System The project was centered on improving an existing sound system retaining the product’s features. There were two main lines of development. On one side there was lot of work on detecting and defining the user group, and to use that information to develop the semiotics of the product. That analysis lead to a […]