The friendly object

When people talk about a product being friendly they mostly comment on its relationship with the environment or with the user (environmentally friendly / user friendly) but a friendly product doesn’t necessarily has to share these characteristics. We can talk about friendly products from the perspective that form and usability creates a more personal and […]

Objects with personality

It’s not strange to attach human characteristics to objects. This process of anthropomorphism is a basic mechanism to develop relationship with our environment and to facilitate communication about it. It might seem childish to define objects in human terms but for a designer it can be a valuable tool  as it allows the designer to […]

Revalorization of culture

Object are defined by the culture they originated from. It’s origin can be perceived in one way or another This original cultural identity is reflected in the use of language, it’s object’s code (like I mentioned previously) and the way it’s used. One of the defining characteristic of cultural identity is the ability of reflecting […]

The object’s code

One of the basic tools in communication studies is Jakobson model. It presents all the involved actors in a communicational process. It’s well known so there’s no much need for an introduction.         If we interpolate it to the Industrial Design field we can find some parallels. The sender would be the […]

A product’s identity

To define one’s identity is not an easy task. A great deal of self-reflection is needed to get to know ourselves. But it can’t be argued that knowledge is very important for each person. Identity is what defines us and communicates outward. It’s an interesting exercise to see if the same can be done for […]